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Montevideo addresses (598 2)

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Below you can see some places associated with tango in Montevideo



1560, Alejandro Fleming St near Rivera Av (Malvín) Phones: 6137580 6195432 099640096

Club Español

1332 18 de Julio Av near Ejido St (Centro) Phone: 9015145.
floor: polished ceramic. Capacity: 140 people.

Club Municipal

San José 1469 (Cordón) Phone: 094869121.
Floor: floating. Capacity: 100 people.

El Milongón

Gaboto 1810 (Cordón Norte) Phones: 9290594 9248505.
Floor: ceramic. Capacity: 350 persons.

Hogar Estudiantil de Rio Negro

Canelones near Bv Artigas (Tres Cruces) Phone: 9005776.
Floor: wood. Capacity: 100 persons.

Hogar Húngaro

Garibaldi 2631 (Tres Cruces) Phones: 4801155 4809160.
Floor: wood. Capacity: 280 people.


San José near Aquiles Lanza. (Centro) Phone: 9015561.
Floor: wood. Capacity: 180 people.


Paysandú 1639 between Roxlo and Minas (Cordón Norte) Phones: 9243109 4036290.
Floor: floating floor over wood. Capacity: 220 persons.

Dancing houses


Canelones 1120 near Paraguay (Centro).
Floor: wood. Capacity: 70 people.

El Farolito

Juncal 1413, near Rincón (Ciudad Vieja) Phone: 9165411.
Floor: wood. Capacity: 70 people.


Carlos Gardel 967 (Barrio Sur) Phone: 9088477.

Las Musas

San José 885 near Convención (Centro) Phone: 094221307 eMail:
Floor: wood. Capacity: 80 people.

Lo de Alberto

Uruguay 1391 (Cordón Norte) Phone:
Floor: wood. Capacity: 50 people.

Lo de Margot

Constituyente 1812 (Cordón) Phone: 4106230.
Floor: wood. Capacity: 50 people.

Lo de María

Pérez Castellano 1381 (Ciudad Vieja) Phone: .
Floor: wood. Capacity: 80 people.


Durazno 1666 (Barrio Sur).
Floor: marbel tiles. Capacidad: 60 people.


Café Irlandés

Gonzalo Ramírez 1483 esq Barrios Amorín (Cordón).
Floor: madera. Capacidad: 40 personas.

Museo del Vino

Maldonado St near Gutiérrez Ruiz (Centro) Phone: 9083430.
Floor: ceramic tiles. Capacity: 40 people.


Academia de Tango Siglo XXI


Academia del Prado

Reyes near Suárez (Prado).

Academia Diverdanza

Av Gianastassio km 25200 (Médanos de Solymar).


1560, Alejandro Fleming St near Rivera Av (Malvín) Phones: 6137580 6195432 099640096

Bethel Spa Carrasco

Cuneo Perinetti 1331 (Carrasco) Phone: 6198899. eMail: Web:

Bethel Spa Malvín

Candelaria 1639 (Malvín) Phone: 6198899. eMail: Web:

Casa de Cultura Daniel Fernandez Crespo - IMM

Lucas Obes 897 (Prado) Phone: 3367021.

Centro Comunal Zonal 5

Ellauri 306 (Pocitos) Phone: 7117113.

Centro Comunal Zonal 16

() Phone: .

Centro Cultural Patio Biarritz

21 de Septiembre near Roque Graseras (Villa Biarritz).

Centro Militar

Av Libertador 1546 (Centro) Phone: 9081482.

Club Atlético Repecho

3460 Caicobé St near Trébol St (Parque Posadas) Phone: 2080626.

Club Banco de Crédito

Av Joaquín Suárez 2874 (Prado) Phone: 2080626.

Club Banco República

Benito Blanco 1289 Buxareo (Pocitos) Phones: 7072926 7092719 7098186 7099520.

Club Biguá

Vázquez Ledesma 2968 (Villa Biarritz) Phones: 7113923 7124265 710 5103.

Club Florida

Rodó 2182 near Joaquín de Salterain (Cordón) Phones:

Club Náutico de Carrasco y Punta Gorda

Rambla República de México between Líbano and Beyrouth (Punta Gorda) Phones: 6001377 6004750 6010800 6019050.

Club Soriano

Maldonado 1372 between Santiago de Chile and Ejido (Cordón) Phones: 9014452 9085181.

Colegio de Contadores del Uruguay

Escuela de baile urbano

Rodó 1833 near Frugoni (Cordón) Phones: 4023837.

Instituto Superior De Artes Humanas Equilibrio

Bv Artigas 1168 between Canelones and Maldonado (Tres Cruces) Phone: 7068959.

Montevideo Ballet Studio

Blanes 1045 (Parque Rodó) Phone: 4103162.

Montevideo Mambo

Pablo de María 1474 near Brandzen (Cordón) Phone: .

Omnia Center

Soriano 1245 (Centro) Phone: 9085564.

Viejo Mitre

Bartolomé Mitre 1321 (Ciudad Vieja) Phone: .

Viejo Rincón

Rincón 619 (Ciudad Vieja) Phone: .


The Tango Chanel

VTV Uruguaya

Cuareim 2179 (Centro) Phones: 9242025 9243697.


Teatro Solís

Buenos Aires 678 (Ciudad Vieja) Phones: 9159829 9159881.

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